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The regular COPA Flight 45 meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of every month. The meetings are usually held at our Clubhouse across from the Goderich Airport Terminal building, and start promptly at 7:30 p.m.

Anyone interested in attending one of our meetings is always welcome.



Fred & Marilyn Bruinsma, Jim & Jane Farrell, Sid Frijters, Kevin Grainger, Burt Hodgins, Don Jones, Taylor Lambert, Mike Scott, Dan Stringer.
Guest Ben Crooks from HM Aero


Captain Don welcomed everyone to our Zoom meeting.


Ben outlined what his company's plans for Goderich's survey could accomplish to revigorate airport. Members contributed suggestions that could be completed over the next months and years in 3 main areas:-

Strengths (what is working well)

5000 ' runway/ 3 runways lighted approaches and IFR capabilities
cardlock fuel restaurants at end of 10-28
well maintained grounds terminal attractive to visitors
available hangars for rent COPA45 /SHM clubhouse
taxis and car rentals nearby hotels/motels
courtesy bikes underwing camping
amenities- town, beach active flying community
river, G2G trail large amount of land available
year round maintenance Ornge, RCAF and Coast Guard
proximity to town webcam Nav Canada uses it

Weaknesses (what be addressed)

infrastructure umbrellas for deck picnic tables
deficit underused
fill in ditches for more farmland for more income
no aviation businesses- AME, flight training
economic impact-not easily communicated
mount 911 amd stop signs on buildings/ remove posts for easier grass cutting/snow removal
Air Cadets- CYGD pkgs with map, lists of hotels, restaurants taxis/car rentals as visitor needs
in person welcome to airport and town- so vital to visitor
Display rack with hotels,attractions, etc be moved to a more prominent place
Perception of Airport- for elite individuals
Webcam broken and needs repairs for Nav Canada's use
Management- key person- pull to gas pumps you know whether friendly or otherwise
Tie downs need ropes, improvements and more of them Also well marked

Business Developmenr and Growth Opportunities

Advertise in COPA Flight hotels that will pick up guests
Funds available for regular use and maintenance at airport- HC economic dev committee
Partners town/ACW/Huron County
Heated/cement hangars for rent on weekends
Bunkies for fly in campers
Lakeview hangar homes
positively communicate airport to community
Agricultural use fly in needed parts for farm equipment
Land value / deficit


Stratfiord- well managed, flight school and chief instructor
Gore Bay personable manager, promotes airport extensively

COPA 45 contributions

deck , picnic table chairs, plantera
renovated clubhouse, also reroofed it
fly ins, IPAT, Trillium Aviators
plant town flowers and flower beds
nominated and won 2017 Best airport restaurant- Flippin' Eggs
2019 both restaurants nominated in 23 across Canada
Seasonal decorations, beverages, etc in terminal and clubhouse
promote airport when visiting others
10 COPA National award winners
invited COPA directors to visit meetings, BBQ's recognition gatherings
attended several COPA conventions across Canada, safety seminars, etc
members are regulars for 12 IPAT.s, many OFF fly ins and othwr social events
organized fly outs to Harkes, etc.
Hope Air pilot and fundraiser host


Captain Don summarized up the thoughts and suggestions from the zoom meeting.