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The regular COPA Flight 45 meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of every month. The meetings are usually held at our Clubhouse across from the Goderich Airport Terminal building, and start promptly at 7:30 p.m.

Anyone interested in attending one of our meetings is always welcome.



Mike Beatty, Keith & Greta Brautigam, Quincy Bridge, Fred & Marilyn Bruinsma, Jim & Jane Farrell, Don & Glynda Matheson, Pat Pattison, Jack Searson, Mike Scott, Matt & Richt Ueckeman.
Guest Speakers – Tyler and summer Papple, Papple Aviation


Captain Mike welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Moved by Jack Searson and seconded by Pat Pattison that the minutes of August 8, 2018
be accepted. Carried.


Fred Bruinsma received a thank you letter and COPA 45 received a thank you note from Aerotrike Aviation from Peterborough. This couple, Peter and Cathy, flew their trike ultralights into Goderich’s Sky Harbour Airport on Sunday planning to camp under the wings of their planes. Monday night we experienced a rain storm. While Fred was at the airport he met them and started talking to them about their planes, their plans and themselves. Fred moved them into the clubhouse, gave them a ride to town and back, and invited them to our place for showers and a bed. But they were meeting friends from Wingham for dinner as well as they had bought groceries in town. Good hospitality was shown to them during their stay until early thurs morning they flew back home in good weather.

Matt Ueckerman will tell his journey into aviation next month.


Some of the pilots use more than one media site.
Here’s the list-
flightplango******** windfinder(website)
CanadasAirspaceViewer www3. telus.net
weather (pilor.com)webcam foreflight.com
Exeter radar flightaware
MeTV Heroes and Icons
Flight23 Intellecast- current winds,satelite
Avare-latestcharts,update free OFFLINE
myflightbook.com – logbook flight vector
flight radar


Tyler and Summer Papple of Papple Aviation were our guest speakers. Their business, Papple Air Services, offers daylight sightseeing trips from Goderich, Wingham, Centralia year round and from their farm strip from spring until fall. They also provide aerial photography, air taxi, crop scouting and more. The family plane is a Cessna 172 with a large 180 hp engine. They have many hours of experience and a high regard for safety.
Summer Papple started from CSX7 Sexsmith Airport, northwest of Exeter. Son Oliver started flight training in 2012at age 12 from money he earned on the family farm. Tyler and Summer figured at their ages they could justify the cost of learning to fly.
That changed in May 2015 when we were asked to fly to a fly in breakfast in Stratford. It was Summer’s first time in s small aircraft and she LOVED it. Immediately they signed up for ground school and right after that started flight training from Stratford Air Services. She admits that she has thrown herself into aviation earning her PPL, night rating, CPL, tail dragger, instrument rating and now multi engine (she now knows how thirsty those 2 engines are).
While completing all those ratings, she completed the long, tedious application process for her Air Operator Certificate from Transport Canada and has just received to operate Papple Aviation.
She has flown tail draggers, a Fleet Canuck, a Cessna 150 and 172 and has been a passenger in a Decathalon. She says picking one aircraft is hard to do.
Thank you Tyler and Summer for an interesting presentation that gives us the realization that the sky really is the limit.


COPA 172 – Tues Sept 18 – COPA director Kevin Elwood guest speaker
importance of a municipal airport –
5:30 social and lasagna dinner with meeting to follow
If attending dinner let Chris and Anne know at chrisanne169@gmail.com
COPA 54 – Autumn Poker Run- date??
Paincourt (chatham/kent) IPM - Sept. 18-22


Wed Oct. 10-guest speaker
Wed Nov. 14- ACW Council members


Moved by Fred Bruinsma and seconded by Pat Pattison that the meeting be adjourned.